WombWork Productions, Inc.

What's New with WombWork Productions?

"to heal and empower youth, families, and communities through the performing arts."

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In 1997...

three dynamic visionary artists; Mama Kay Lawal-Muhammad, Mama Nata'aska Hasan Humminbird, and Mama Rashida Forman-Bey merged to form the directorial team of WombWork Productions, Inc. located in Baltimore, Maryland. The theatre company started out as a summer program that offered professional training in theatre, dance, drumming, vocals, and stage management. Programming was designed to assist participants in transforming fears, anger, confusion, ignorance, and self-discrimination into positive performances on stage. In 2001, WombWork Productions, Inc. partnered with Johns Hopkins School of Nursing to implement An Arts-Based Initiative for the Prevention of Violence Against Women and Girls, which was the subject of a 5-year study by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control). The study showed that the arts-based model, which draws on therapeutic and traditional cultural healing modalities, reduced violent behavior among youth in four urban middle schools and changed the climate that was prevalent in those schools.

2007 CDC's Demonstration Projects Study

The philosophy of WombWork Productions, Inc. is that all life comes from the womb. Out of the darkness comes the light of understanding. WombWork Productions, Inc. brings together art and spirit through traditional art forms and showcases socially relevant productions that empower performers and youth in social change issues.

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Our productions create for the audience and participants a mirror in which to view themselves.
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We learn mathematics formulas in school and use those principles to balance equations. We learn the virtues as a formula to balance life.

WombWork Productions, Inc. utilizes The Virtues Project in every facet of its instruction, communication, and performance. The 5 tenets of The Virtues Project encompass five tangible, life strategies that provide users with a vocabulary and language to creatively strengthen, heal, teach, and communicate to themselves and to their surrounding community.

Social Change Theatre

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Three Art Ensembles

WombWork Productions, Inc. is comprised of three art ensembles: adult, young adult, and youth.


Nu World Art Ensemble

(Ages 21+)

Nu World Art Ensemble is the adult theatre company that continues the legacy of writing and creating theatrical productions that engage the community on issues such as HIV/AIDS, gang violence, substance abuse, and other relevant social issues.

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Nu Generation Art Ensemble

(Ages 13-20)

Nu Generation Art Ensemble is the young adult theatre company that builds confidence in budding teenagers who are empowered to develop their artistic skills in theatre, drumming, dancing, and reflection to build confidence and resiliency.

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Next Generation Art Ensemble

(Ages 5-12)

Next Generation Art Ensemble is the youth theatre company that engages in social change issues that affect the youth in our communities. The program offers arts, self-determination, and cultural education programs.

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We work within the local community to deliver programs that positively impact the attitudes, behaviors, and life choices of the youth. Our programs encompass character development, peer mentoring, and professional training in acting, dancing, and vocals that allow them to dramatize real-life issues and instill a desire to heal and share their stories.
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Our Impact

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Employed over 1,500 youth in over 550 productions

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Placed 150 young performers in major films, television programs, and with renowned musicians

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Served over 16,000 students to reach audiences through live performances