Thanks to the work and impact of Mama Geri Lynn Peak, who introduced The Virtues Project to WombWork Productions, Inc. in 2009, which represents integral and core values. The five strategies of the virtues help performers and audience members alike live more authentic, purposeful lives that allows children to grow with compassion and idealism. This also fosters a culture of character in our schools, workplaces, and communities. As Master Virtues Facilitators, Mama Kay and Mama Rashida dedicate their life mission to teaching groups all around Baltimore about the power of the virtues and how others can incorporate the five strategies into their daily lives.

WombWork Productions, Inc. has utilized the following five strategies when teaching in and out of the classrooms. All actors, dancers, singers, performers, students, instructors, and managers communicate with one another using the universal language of the virtues with the goal of improving each others' mental health resilience, social/emotional wellness, and mindfulness by raising self-esteem and reducing emotional/physical violence in their lives. 

WombWork Productions, Inc. fuses together the restorative justice practices of The Virtues Project through their unique take on social change theatre instruction based in the culture of Baltimore's neighborhoods. Blending together theatrical methodology and virtues instruction in the context of Baltimore's inner-city communities provides WombWork Productions, Inc. with the unique opportunity to engender a culturally congruent, community-wide shift in attitude that embraces the positive elements of character and qualities of the human spirit that can be woven into the local culture of the surrounding community.


The virtues are a means of utilizing a universal perspective of reaching anyone regardless of religion, spirituality, or creed. It is a way to relate to the beauty of seeing greatness in groups and individuals. When I went into recovery and attended NA meetings, I felt this universal love coming from inside of me and from my community. We all screw up in our lives, but we got these virtues in there that provide a language to communicate our beliefs, guide ourselves, and get out of someone’s way in order for that person to find their own way. The virtues represent a vocabulary of communication that changes hearts; they are a spiritual richness reminding us that we are all great, maybe lost, but still great and filled with hope. It is a light that we all can share in the darkness.
— Mama Kay

Strategy I: Speak the Language of Virtues

Language has the power to discourage or to inspire. Using virtues to acknowledge, guide; correct and thank awakens the best within us. Encouragement and Appreciations are great motivators. Virtues language also allows us to balance discipline with tact.

Strategy III: Set Clear Boundaries

Boundaries based on respect and restorative justice create a climate of peace, cooperation, and safety in our homes, schools and communities. Students  give their best both ethically and energetically when guidelines and parameters are clear, as opposed to the chaos of constantly shifting priorities and agreements.

Strategy V: Offer Companioning

Being deeply present and listening with compassionate curiosity guides others to find clarity and to create their own solutions. It supports healing and growth.

Strategy II: Recognize Teachable Moments

Recognizing the virtues needed in daily challenges helps us to become life-long learners open to the lessons of character. Avoiding shaming and blaming defuses disunity and backbiting. Calling students to a high level of accountability motivates them to perform with excellence and to make amends instead of excuses.

Strategy IV: Honor the Spirit

We sustain our vision and purpose by integrating virtues into our activities, surroundings, celebrations and the arts. This strategy is also about nurturing individual dignity at all times.

Over the years, WombWork Productions, Inc. has instructed elementary and grade school students to learn ways to implement the virtues in their theatrical skills and during their everyday life.