WombWork Productions, Inc. takes pride in its ability to teach the virtues method, theatrical skills, and drumming rhythm to students in schools around Baltimore. Currently, WombWork Productions, Inc. works teaches on behalf of:

Young Audiences Arts for Learning: Instruction in theatre arts, drumming, and performance methodology

  • Dorothy I. Height, In-School
  • Dorothy I. Height, After-School
  • Johnston Square, After-School
  • Park Elementary, After-School
  • Lindale Middle School, After-School
  • Lyndhurst, Summer Program
  • Steuart Hill, Summer Program

Child First Authority, Inc.: Instruction in theatre skills and drumming

  • Furman Templeton, After-School
  • Dr. Bernard Harris, After-School
  • Eutaw Marshburn Elementary, After-School

If you are interested in having WombWork Productions, Inc. teach at your school, please send us a message through our Contact Form.