Wednesday 1/31/18

Recap from Nu World Rehearsal Wednesday January 31st, 2018:

Rehearsal began with unity circle introduction, libations, virtues hand energy work and Grey Wolf meditation. After meditation we each had a name tag and we were paired with a Nu World member that we did not know very well. We introduced ourselves and told our partners a little bit about our lives. After five minutes we joined the rest of the group in a seated circle. Mama Rashida called each pair to the front. They were told to exchange name tags. One person sat facing us and the partner behind them with their hands on the partners shoulders.

Mama Rashida told both partners to breathe and then Mama Rashida asked partner 1 questions as if they were partner 2. Mama Rashida asked questions like what is your favorite color? What is your favorite room in your house? What does it look like? What brings you joy? This experience gave the ensemble members a chance to connect and get to know each other even without using words.

After a short break Mama Brenda Brown lead a soca physical warm up. Christian Harris closed with vocals. We rehearsed Ella’s Song, Sin Gin Gin, and Harriet Tubman didn't take no stuff.

Next Rehearsal on Wednesday February 7th at 6:30pm

Marvin Roxas