Wednesday 1/24/2018

January 28, 2018

Hello Nu World Ensemble Members, 

What a great rehearsal session on Wednesday, January 24, 2018. We are already beginning to dig into the work that builds us as a strong unit.  Members this week were asked to write about an issue or topic that they want to shine the light on, and creatively bring that issue or topic to the stage. We circled up and went right in with many sharing pieces and/or ideas and ensemble members jumping right in to act out and help bring these pieces to life. It was an improvisational oasis of new ideas, first time trials, and unified energy. Every one in attendance was given an opportunity to share. Job well done NU World. Keep Coming!!!


On this week we want to continue in this same pattern. For those who have pieces or any ideas that you want to share, please bring them on this Wednesday, January 31, 2018 at 6:30 pm. For some it may take a little longer,  but we encourage you to dig in and take a few minutes to jot down a couple of words or phrases that might help to get to those creative wheels turning. As ensemble members we will work together improvisationally during rehearsal on as many pieces as we can.


Rehearsal is very important. It helps all of us individually and as a group to stay honest to the craft, get over any performance jitters, and explore all creative avenues and mediums of art.   Please continue to read and familiarize yourselves with the "Standing on the Shoulders of our Ancestors" script and remember to check your e-mail, FB and IG pages for updates and info. 


SEE YOU ON WEDNESDAY @ 6:30PM in the WombWork Productions, Inc. BLACK BOX THEATER!


Marvin Roxas