Wednesday 1/17/18 Nu World Assignment

Hello Art Ensemble Members,

From our rehearsal yesterday at 1/17/18 some of you shared a global/personal issue that you are passionate about, stirs your soul, and how it moves you. I am attaching those of you who have share your responses during rehearsal yesterday. If you did not share or attend yesterday's rehearsal, please send your topic or issue global or personal that you are passionately concerned about that stirs your soul. Share how it moves you. Please Share yours if you didn’t on Wednesday write some more about it , or sing a song, create something regarding your thoughts lets expound on it next week could become movement, song , poem . Dance etc.

Please also read through the "Standing on the Shoulders of Our Ancestors Script"

The following Nu World Members shared their passions at this past rehearsal. To read what they were please see the Nu World Art Ensemble Facebook Group or check your email. If you are not on the email list, please email me at

Tamara, Rodney, Mama Naimah, Charles, Mama Kay, Christia, Mama Robin, Ola, Shaun Woodland, Louis, Jalen, Stefanie, Parrish

We are also still waiting to hear back from any of you who expressed interest in the Nu World Operations and Development Manager and Assistant Manager Role. Please email and and with any interest.

Marvin Roxas