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UMBC The Choice Program's College Night
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By: Marvin Roxas

On Monday November 13th, WombWork Productions, Inc.'s Next Generation Art Ensemble performed at the University Center Building at UMBC to start a conversation with youth about addressing racial inequity, their personal journey to college, and how they see themselves working in partnership with social change activists in Baltimore. 

The program was organized by The Choice Program at UMBC in partnership with:

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"The Choice Program at UMBC is a not-for-profit organization administered by The Shriver Center at The University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). For 30 years, Choice has engaged, mentored, trained, and advocated for disconnected youth. The overarching program goals are to:

  • reduce recidivism of young people involved in the justice system;
  • reduce placement in foster care for youth in the social services system;
  • and strengthen youth and family ties to the community through increased educational and vocational opportunities.

The Choice Program interventions provide services in the Baltimore and Washington DC metro areas. The program has strong partnerships with the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services, the Maryland Department of Social Services, Baltimore City Public Schools, and AmeriCorps."

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Park Heights Baltimore Block Party

By: Marvin Roxas

Regarding drug addiction and poverty, Park Heights neighborhood has been one of the hardest hit neighborhoods. Visionary Roots organized sponsors, performers, and vendors to hold a one-day community outreach day to show that Baltimore is more than its crime. At the corner of Beaufort Street and Belvedere Avenue, WombWork Productions, Inc. Next Generation Art Ensemble performed Judged by 12 Carried by 6! Plantation Psychosis, which showcases systemic racism and violence (police brutality, shootings, gangs) through theatrical narration.

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Photo by  Visionary Roots
Photo by  Kenneth Aston

Photo by Kenneth Aston