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The Village that Vanished
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By: Cheryl Hinton

The Village that Vanished: Remember, Rekindle, Reclaim, Restore...

The Baltimore Cease Fire 365 is a citywide movement calling for all citizens to refrain from the act of homicide. November 3rd to November 5th was the second Cease Fire weekend this year filled with life affirming events asking Baltimore residents to celebrate life. The movement offered resources to families, make commitments to be non-violent in thought, word and deed and ultimately, honor the sacredness of life every day.

On November 5, 2017, The National Great Blacks In Wax held a Cease Fire event entitled The Village That Vanished- Remember, Rekindle, Reclaim, Restore.  The museum applauded the work of Rashida Forman-Bey and Kay L. Muhammad, Directors of WombWork Productions, Inc. along with thirteen others. The Honorees were applauded as Unsung Sheroes and Heroes who have worked tirelessly in the Baltimore community with our children, youth and adults who face the atrocities of inequities, marginalization, health disparities and more. For over twenty years, WombWork Productions, Inc. has saved lives through the arts and as a result, a standing ovation of acknowledgement was given. Others like Sallah Jenkins, Sheila Gaskins, Leon Purnell, Umar Marvin McDowell, Menes Yahudah, Navasha Daya, Stephanie Sayfiatou Edwards, Phyllis Smith, Eric March, Samuel Brice, Janet Jones and Barbara Redmond had their unique work and validating stories to share.

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Our own Dr. David Fakunle was the keynote speaker. Dr. Fakunle referenced the African folktale, The Village That Vanished which stressed the virtues of courage, faith, wisdom and leadership.  He shared the importance of each honoree’s life work and impact on our Baltimore community.

The National Great Blacks In Wax also provided a 365 Legacy Time Capsule adorned by Visual Artist Sallah Jenkins. The Capsule, intended for the legacy we will leave our children, highlights the value of life and identify virtues, morals and behaviors needed to survive in a world where many people have no beliefs greater than themselves.   Guests and Honorees were offered the opportunity to place items in the Capsule i.e. virtue cards, Bible, Koran, 42 Principles of Maat and “365” Commitment Certificates indicating the “work” they will personally do in restoring the Village That Vanished.  The Legacy Time Capsule will be housed in the National Great Blacks in Wax Museum.  

What work will you commit to do to rekindle, reclaim and restore the village? Join WombWork Productions, Inc. today, to commit to this life affirming mission to save our youth, our city, your city, our future. Congratulations, Mama Kay and Mama Rashida!

...Restoring the Village of Baltimore