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Mama Rashida in Coppin State University's Tell Pharaoh
12.10.17 Tell Pharaoh.jpg

By: Mama Kay

Tell Pharaoh is a play written by Loften Mitchell in 1963. The play was edgy for it’s time period, and progressive for the time that it was in. But for now a few things had to be tweaked because it was written about the black experience in New York City. The professor/director Willie O. Jordan, tweaked the play so that the focus didn’t revolve around New York. It was brilliantly executed by the cast and the singing was excellent. You know, Mama Rashida always complains that she was gonna forget her lines, and seeing her in a play that I did not participate in, I could tell that her hand was deeply involved. I know her rhythm, I know how she thinks, and I know how she embellishes the show with her experiences.\

You know Mama Rashida is a lover of black history. And when she played Rosa Parks, it was amazing. Christian Harris was phenomenal in the show. She played one of the main characters and she is a Nu World actress and singer. Her singing was exquisite and her trained voice was utilized in ways that I hadn’t heard before. Her levels that she used was amazing. My mother, Geraldine Waters, almost fainted when Christian sang, “Everything must change.” The Coppin Repertory Theatre should be proud of a show that was well-executed and brought back to life with their modern touches.