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Wedding of David and Doralee

By: Dr. David Fakunle

I’ll start with the beginning. I first laid eyes on Doralee in 2001, because there was a show that WombWork did at Theatre Project. I remember the exact scene where Doralee and Ola dressed as prostitutes, and I was in the audience and I laid eyes on Doralee and I said, “Oh I like her!” Ola wrote that part of the performance. That’s when I first saw Doralee on the first time. It wasn’t long after that that my sister and I joined Nu World. So you know, I’m in the company and once in a while Doralee would show up. It was a classic example of her being out of my league. And I always thought that she was so much older than me. Other than just the way she held herself, I always saw herself as much older and more mature; a woman. And it was always just hi or hello and nothing deeper.

Doralee and Ola Performing

Doralee and Ola Performing


Fast forward to 2010, and I was starting back up with Nu World, because I was working in Virginia and I got a job with social security. On Facebook, there was this game where people would post numbers and anyone among their friends would take this number and you can find someone out about me. And trying to be cool, I put it out there that anyone who wants to say something for me can just message and send me. I was in the back of social security training and on Facebook. Then I received a message on December 7th 11:35pm from Doralee; I read it the next morning in class. It read, “I feel like there’s always something you wanted to tell me, but then again it might be wrong.”


At that point, I broke down and cried. And I’m in the back of the room so no one saw it. I don’t know what gave it away, but she saw right through me. And it was a Wednesday, and I had rehearsal that night. I snuck out of the rehearsal room, and I called her and told her everything. That Friday night, we went on our first date, and we’ve been together ever since. I had to cut out a few women out of my life ever since haha. After the honeymoon period, we continued and I didn’t realize just how emotionally damaged I was. She allowed me to tap into emotions that I didn’t know I had. She was relentless with me and stuck with me even though I’ve pushed her away many times. And we’ve been a team, raising this kid and doing our best with this. So that is why we chose this date on the 8th, initially we were just gonna go to the courthouse. We realized that we couldn’t do this without our friends and family. We were gonna do it originally at our friend’s house, and then at a community center but that cost too much money, but then we realized that we could just do it at WombWork. It was the universe working the way it had to. And it was awesome seeing the people who came out to show their support in it coming together. That’s our style, we put things together to get everything together. It worked out perfectly and it describes our relationship in a nutshell. She balances me in a lot of ways.


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#MyBmore #WombWork #Stories #Love

By: Marvin Roxas

In Baltimore, there are certain narratives that talk about the city's problems, its struggles, and its enormous potential. The #MyBmore campaign aims to share the positive stories and experiences of those who love this city and want to share what is happening here. Featured in this video is the President of WombWork Production, Inc., Dr. David Fakunle.

Share your stories about some Baltimore and WombWork Productions, Inc. love!

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