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Young Audiences and Child First Authority: Preparing for Kwanzaa

By: Stevanie A. Williams

WombWork Productions, Inc. is so excited to be a part of Baltimore's Young Audience's and Child First Authority's Programming happening in various schools around the city.  Through Young Audience's in-school programming at Dorothy I. Height, after-school programming in Johnston Square, and Child First Authority's after-school programs at Furman Templeton and Dr. Bernard Harris, WombWork has been able to aid in the mission of developing youth by strengthening and reforming schools and giving opportunities which provide high quality after school and in-school programs.

WombWork has the great task of working with youth Pre-k to fifth grade at Dorothy I. Height. Scholars at these elementary institutions have the opportunity to receive everything from virtues training and theater, to bucket drumming, singing and dance.  

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As the holidays approach WombWork artist at all these schools are preparing the scholars for their holiday performances in which each will be giving information about Kwanzaa and sharing songs, dance and facts about the holiday, African American history, and the resilience of families. Starting on December 18th at Dorothy I. Height and ending at Furman Templeton on December 21st, all scholars will share with their families, school community and friends what they have learned and give an all out performance spreading the joy and spirit of Kwanzaa.