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Comedy Womb

By: Ola Lawal

Wednesday October 18th was the first night that the four groups came together at the WombWork BlackBox Theatre for a comedy improv night hosted by Tavish Forsyth from the Baltimore Improv Group.

As one of the improv actresses, I was nervous for my first time. Dark Mark was great and $ir Charles was awesome with songs from his mixtape. Casually Dope was so funny and made me wanna do improv classes myself. The more they performed together, the more cohesive they became.

One of my favorite parts of the night was a callback during Dark Mark's standup when he talked about a lot of stray dogs and how things have changed in the city. He talked about the changes that his neighborhood went through and when Casually Dope did their improv they referenced Dark Mark's improve, like they kept slipping on dog poop. It was fresh!

Mama Kay and I made some homemade pizza to serve to the guests. We had pesto pizza, veggie pizza, and even my specialty vegan pizza! Even those who weren't vegan still enjoyed it.

I think that Tavish is going to lead more improv classes and improve some of the comedy work here at WombWork Productions, Inc.