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By: Marvin Roxas

In Baltimore, there are certain narratives that talk about the city's problems, its struggles, and its enormous potential. The #MyBmore campaign aims to share the positive stories and experiences of those who love this city and want to share what is happening here. Featured in this video is the President of WombWork Production, Inc., Dr. David Fakunle.

Share your stories about some Baltimore and WombWork Productions, Inc. love!

#MyBmore #wombwork

Art of Transformation: Reworking Baltimore's Stories

by: Marvin Roxas

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"On March 3, 2016 people came together at WombWork Productions in Baltimore, with a hope of finding a way to access and share their experiences with race."

WombWork Productions, Inc. partnered with the University of Maryland Baltimore County in order to expand our work in Creating Sacred Space to discuss race through a theatrical experience. The Imaging Research Center at UMBC in collaboration with the Baltimore Imagining Group, a coalition of individuals from Baltimore's arts and social justice organizations, filmed and documented the project "Race and Art".

During this film, Baltimoreans shared their own stories to counteract misleading narratives about life in our city. Scholars share stories about the background of the city's history and policy, activists organized and engaged, and artists provided the means for the community to express what people felt about living in Baltimore. There is potential for the arts and media to transform culture and impact policy.

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