Community Funder Conversation and Panel


By: Marvin Roxas

On Tuesday September 18, 2018 I attended the Community Funders Conversation & Panel at the Annie E. Casey Foundation hosted by Maryland Mentor. During this panel, organizations including:

  • T. Rowe Price Foundation

  • The Marion I. & Henry J. Knott Foundation

  • Annie E. Casey Foundation

  • Under Armour Global Philanthropy

All gave overviews of ways that they could support the missions and operations of non-profits in the Baltimore area.


In addition to our social change theatre work, WombWork Productions, Inc. has made a concerted effort to be more accountable and proactive in fostering partnerships and collaboration within the Baltimore non-profit network. We have started to build multiple, meaningful relationships with Foundation leaders, non-profit project managers, and others who are dedicated to elevating those doing the good work in Baltimore.


Photos by Maryland Mentor

Marvin Roxas