Rising Up Performance at The Modell Lyric

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By: Marvin Roxas

Since February 13, art instructors at WombWork Productions, Inc. partnered with BLSYW (Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women) and The Modell Lyric to produce Rising Up! Exploring Your Own Lyric. After 8 weeks of drumming, singing, dancing, storytelling, and script-writing 40 6th grade girls donned West African attire and performed their script on stage at The Modell Lyric on April 18th. The production involved original WombWork Productions, Inc. songs such as Heshima na Umoja, Take Me to the Water, Who Can I Talk To?, I Got to Love Myself, and Virtues Roll-Call. During the 8 weeks, the students kept journals where they wrote their personal reflections and answers to writing prompts concerning their personal perspectives and home life. 

The transformation was evident on April 18th, when students who were shy and did not want to participate back in February, were now speaking on the main stage. Students were leading group choreographed dances, performing solo dances, leading call-and-response chants, and presenting script lines based on memorized cues. This whole production demonstrated the WombWork methodology, that incorporated the virtues process into a healing process conveyed through art instruction. By the end of the program, the every student on the stage had their moment to share their words and share their personal stories both good and bad.

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Marvin Roxas