Next Generation Art Ensemble

Next Generation Art Ensemble

By: Stevanie A. Williams

It's that time of year when families, friends and community get together and share love, laughter, gifts and the history of our rich African-American culture. Blazing through Baltimore City and spreading knowledge and sharing Kwanzaa cheer is WombWork Productions, Inc youth company Next Generation Art Ensemble. 


For many years WombWork Productions, Inc artist have been performing at the Great Blacks in Wax Museum in Baltimore, Maryland. With a grand opening to the Kwanzaa Celebration this year would be no different as Next Generation exploded with the first day, Umoja, which means Unity. In a very unified effort the WombWork family came together in love, support, drum and dance to uplift Next Generation as they shared history, songs, and dance in an entertaining but educational show about the celebration of Kwanzaa.

From paying homage to ancestors, pouring libation, information about the Kinara, to facts about the lives taken at the hands of police enforcement.  Songs, drumming and dancing with community audience participation,  this show delivers it all. Members of WombWork Productions adult company Nu World Art Ensemble were in the building giving love and support as well. "It was like an African family reunion, I am intoxicated with love" ~Mama Kay~


Next Generation will be touring Baltimore City:

Thursday December 28, 2017, Eubie Blake Jazz and Cultural Arts Center, 6:30pm, 847 North Howard St, Baltimore, Md 21201

 Henderson Hopkins School, 7:30pm, 2100 Ashland Ave., Baltimore, Md 21205

Saturday December 30, 2017, Mt. Zion United Methodist Church, 3050 Liberty Heights Ave., Baltimore, Md 21215

Below is a clip from the finale at the Great Blacks in Wax Museum. A big thank you and hugs of gratitude go to Mama Brenda Brown and Mama Deborah Pierce-Fakunle for the beautiful costumes!

Marvin Roxas