Social Change Theater: We Learn What We Live


By: Stevanie A. Williams

When one is born into this world, you are a clear vessel. No preconceived notions or inabitions about you are, where you come from, or how you look. Through everyday interactions with family and friends, community leaders, political or religious officials and what influence is given through media experiences, a perception of what is beautiful and acceptable is given and often time misunderstood. Whether the influence is positive or negative, it has an impact on how you interact or socialize with another.  Social Change Theater is a form of artsy expression that uses the elements of theater practise and social work to educate and inform creating a starting point that will bring change.  

Mama Kay Lawal-Muhammad is teaching second graders at Dorthy Height Elementary School that "We learn what we live".   Mama Kay let's scholars know in this theater piece that if we are taught criticisim we learn to condemn, but if we are taught humility, we learn to love.  Simple lines likes these along with theatrical gestures give life to these words for the Dorthy Height youngsters, and an understanding of making good choices early in life. Not bullying or teasing but loving and respecting one another on a daily basis, being an example sometimes even for the adults around them. 


Learning this piece though fun is teaching these scholars to be the change they want to see in their families and communities. Performing this piece though entertaining, will show their families and fellow school mates the change that can to happen in their families and communities. 

Marvin Roxas