Get In Formation: Nu World Nuggets for Movement on Stage

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By: Stevanie A. Williams

The movement of an actor on stage and body language is very important.  Movement itself can tell a story, the passing of time, or convey a special message. The members and directors of WombWork Productions, Inc. Nu World Art Ensemble have perfected specific ways to move on stage to:

  • 1) To teach young people stage directions,
  • 2) To give awareness to spacing and body control, and
  • 3) To learn how to create certain pictures on stage that bring an audience into a specific environment.   

At Bernard Harris Elementary School, scholars in the 4th grade are learning how to move from one space to another using rhythm and a NU World step show-like method to change focus from female to male and set the audience up for what's next. This method is used by Nu World to help the actors keep time and be in a specific spot on the stage to deliver lines clearly. It is also used when needing to be together or moving and delivering lines in one voice. 

In the following video these scholars are changing position using a piece called "I Am" to move the focus from the young ladies to the young men who are now getting ready to 'Rep Their Hood' by sharing where they live and what experiences they have as young black men in their neighborhoods. 

Marvin Roxas