83rd Annual National Association of Dramatic and Speech Arts (NADSA) Conference

By: Mama Kay

WombWork Productions, Inc. was honored at the National Association of Dramatic and Speech Arts (NADSA) Conference hosted by Coppin State University. Rebecca Hoffberger did a heartwarming tribute to Mama Rashida and Mama Kay and their work in building up WombWork Productions, Inc. Keynote speaker, Broadway actress, and playwright Rain Pryor shared her struggles and stories making her mark in the arts.

Brother Louis Williams, one of the Nu Generation Art Ensemble managers, received top honors for Superior Playwriting for the best 10-minute play False Prophets at Coppin State University.


Members of the Nu World Art Ensemble performed The Channeling of Ms. Sybby Grant.

Marvin Roxas
Next Generation at Ella Baker Day
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By: Mama Kay Lawal-Muhammad

Ella Baker believed that the major job was getting people to understand that they had something within their power that they could use, and it could only be used if they understood what was happening and how group action could counter violence…” - Ella Jo Baker

The Ella Baker Center for Human Rights is named after a brilliant, Black Shero of the civil rights Freedom Movement who inspired and guided emerging leaders. We build on her legacy by building the power of black, brown, and poor people to create solutions for one of the biggest drivers of injustice today: mass incarceration.

Ms. Baker played a key role in some of the most influential organizations of the time, including the NAACP, Martin Luther King's Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee.

Like her, we spark change by unlocking the power of every person to strengthen their communities and shape their future.  The youth and young adult Next Generation and Nu Generation Art Ensembles performed at the 2640 Space on Thursday April 4th, 2019. Special thanks to Emalee Quickel from Loyola University of Maryland for including WombWork Productions, Inc.

Marvin Roxas
Channeling of Ms. Sybby Grant at The Walters Art Gallery

By: Marvin Roxas

On January 24th, 2019 members of the Nu World Art Ensemble performed an immersive production based on the life of the enslaved Baltimore cook Ms. Sybby Grant. The Walters Art Gallery went through the process of confronting the history of utilizing buildings that were former slave-holding estates. A letter written on December 6, 1861 to her imprisoned maste showcases a micro-history of Union-occupied Baltimore.

The Baltimore Sun article details more about the background and details of the letter and the renovation of the mansion formerly known as Hackerman House. During the opening performance, members of the Nu World Art Ensemble recreated the atmosphere of Hackerman House and portrayed the tasks and lives of Ms. Sybby Grant and her fellow enslaved maids, cooks, and workers. This unique production brought to life the the words of Ms. Sybby Grant and transported museum patrons back to 1860’s Baltimore.

Terrapin Soup Song

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Baltimore Magazine - Working Through It
By: Marvin Roxas

By: Marvin Roxas

A few months ago, we received an inquiry from Christine Jackson from Baltimore Magazine in order to publish a story about the work that WombWork Productions, Inc. does. After interviews involving Mama Kay, Mama Rashida, and Brother David, the result is an article in the January 2019 monthly issue of Baltimore Magazine in the Arts & Culture section.

Magazine Article Link

I’ve always been appreciative of how we’re dedicated to children of color in public schools, but I’ve also encouraged us to look at children of color at predominantly white institutions because that’s a whole other battle that they face... The same encouragement, empowerment, and love that our kids in public schools need, kids in those spaces need as well.
— David Fakunle, PhD
Marvin Roxas
Alt-Black Podcast with Brother David Fakunle
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By: Marvin Roxas

On November 25th, Brother David Fakunle, Griot and President of WombWork Productions, Inc. Governing Board, met with Myles Lewis in Towson to record a podcast for the Alt Black podcast show.

“Values, truth, and understanding. This week we look at an organization that is utilizing performance art to heal and self reflect on the community. We learn some valuable lessons on how to change an institution, how kids can be more knowledgeable than adults, and the importance of expression.”

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