Our methodology draws from the traditional Rites of Passage model and The Virtues Project designed to assist young adults in recognizing and successfully completing the transition from adolescence into adulthood. All programming incorporate our arts-based model, which uses principles of system change, experiential right brain learning, culturally congruent learning, and artistic expressions (acting, dance, music, singing, creative writing) to formulate and build character. The program will focus on developing artistic talents, leadership skills, and self-discipline; increasing awareness of social issues; increasing life skills; imparting virtues; and providing tools for self-transformation.

I. Theatre
Incorporating basic drama fundamentals of acting, stage direction, stage presence, audition process, and ensemble building.

II. Music
Introducing participants to a variety of musical styles: chanting, choral singing, ancient sounds, spoken language, hip-hop, rhythm, and drumming. 

III. Dance/Movement
Teaching basic dance forms: African, Native American, Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Modern to enable participants to tap into expressive and healing process of movement. Improves body image, stage presence, and physical presentations of a production.

IV. Creative Writing
Exploring the creative writing process for script-building and story-telling to convey a social change narrative.

V. African Drumming
Connecting to ancestral roots through a variety of African drums and basic African rhythms.