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Emmy Winning Casting Director Pat Moran

By: Marvin Roxas

"My name is Pat Moran and I'm a member of the Casting society of America and I'm a casting director. I knew Mama Kay and Joyce Scott when they were the Thunder Thigh Revue basically at Theatre Project just in the arts scene in Baltimore City at the time. ANd then Kay went on and basically, Mama Kay and Mama Rashida they did WombWork Productions. Which they dealt with a lot of young kids and kids at risk. They practice what they preach actually. I was a casting director and I had projects and I always called Mama Kay and said, "Look let's get some of these kids involved." So we did, and we put a whole lotta kids in Homicide: Life on the Street, The Wire. All things I did. I always try to see if there's something there for those kids, because oddly enough they're really good. When they go to WombWork here's what we do. She teaches them through art, dance poetry, whatever it is. The work they do is constant it's good, it's quality. The most current one is Thaddeus. Thaddeus Street has an ongoing role in HBO's and David Simon's project called The Deuce. Which is an HBO series it ran 8 episodes or so last year and it will come back this year. And Thaddeus has an ongoing role. I wish that they had all the money in the world and could build their own building, which would be WombWork Playhouse or whatever it is. And also to involve more people to expand without suffering the quality. There should be more groups like this. These women are warriors. I mean they go in the trenches. They rescue damaged freight and turn them into... just terrific people. You know, I mean all anybody needs is somebody to take care, and they do, they take care of these kids in every sense of the word."

David Fakunle, PhD

By: Marvin Roxas

On Friday October 20th, David Fakunle completed his four year-long PhD at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health where he defended his dissertation: Black, White or Green? The Effects of Racial Composition and Socioeconomic Status on Neighborhood-level Tobacco Outlet Density in Maryland. David Fakunle, PhD defended his dissertation at the Hampton House where his parents, family members, and friends were present to support him. His mother, Mama Deborah Fakunle, shared with the crowd of people celebrating David's successful defense of his dissertation: "I am so proud of what you did for our ancestors who never even got to finish high school."

"What can I say about WombWork? It's been a wonderful experience to really express the wisdom and knowledge of lived experience. And as somebody who just finished his PhD from Hopkins, lived experience is very important. And really understanding public health. So to be able to express it artistically in a form that anyone can understand has really informed my work as a researcher and my research has informed how we can better express the important information about life in Baltimore, whether it's violence, whether it's drugs, whether it's HIV, bullying, or so many other factors that affect our livelihood. To be able to express it artistically has made me a better researcher and being a researcher has made me better at expressing artistically. So WombWork has been an essential part of this process from day 1 to day 0 'cause it's over.

No matter what you do, you are always giving back to the community where you grew up. Ladies and gentlemen... it is with the spirit of my ancestors, my family and my city that I utter these words: the doctor is in."
~David Fakunle