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WombWork celebrates our 15th year of providing healing social change theatre and performance art programming for the community. View photos »

Mama Rashiida and Mama Kay Graduated are now official Virtue FacilitatorsWombWork Mamas: Mama Kay and Mama Rashida are now Master Virtues Project Facilitators! What an Honor!


VirtuesCongratulations to WombWork’s 2011 Virtues Project Facilitators: Mama Cheryl, Mama Deborah, Mama Walks on Water, Mama Angela, Olayinka Lawal. Lateef Kolawole Lawal, Edward Dixon, Mama Angela Jones, Mama Monica, Mama Sharon, Folashade Forman- Bey, Maceo Boone, Amber Omobolea Price, Baba Taharqa, Mama Sheila Gaskins

WombWork co-hosts the Virtues Project International Mentorship June 21–25, 2012 Towson State Heart of Education. For more information, contact Dara Feldman, Director of Education Initiatives, The Virtues Project Founder & CEO, Gifts of Character and The Heart of Education (Phone: 301-529-1302

WombWork is partnering with young Audiences. Our Nu World Art Ensemble will be a featured ensemble on Young Audiences roster.

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WombWork Mamas are now Virtues Project ™ Facilitators! Click for upcoming workshop dates »

We have the opportunity to bloom from a crisis (damage from a broken heating system) to transform our rehearsal hall into a black box theater and a multipurpose creative working space. We are raising funds to make sure the environment is a safe space for our art-based therapeutic work as well as a theater resource for the whole community.

2011 Fund Raiser Donors:

Our deepest love and gratitude to the following donors for your generous contribution toward WombWork’s goal to raise $30K in 30 Days! Donate today!  We would love to add your name to our growing list of donors.


Robbin Alexander
Dr. Lindsay R. Beane
Brenda Brown
Nilajah Brown
Noni Faruq
Lea Gilmore
William Green
Dr. Warren Hayman and Jacqueline C. Hayman
Rev. Dr. Deborah Hickman
Danista Hunte
Valencia James
Yvette Jefferson
Tirza Johnson
Taharqa Kiambu
NJ Lema
Sarah McCann
Deborah McKinney
Stephanie Mitchell
Kingsley Molen of Wazobia’s
Pat Moran
Adrian Mosley
Muse 350/Sharayna Rose
Dr. Geri Lynn Peak
Deborah Pierce
Tziporah Pronman
Jessica Strauss
Nikasha Uqdah
Dr. Geraldine Waters
Jill Wood

Syvilla Woods

The Prison Peace Tour NewsletterWombwork will conduct Virtues Training in Prisons beginning March 2011
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WombWork, The Movie see preview WombWork East and WombWork West

See Excerpts of our productions! Check out the "Productions" link to the right for excerpts from our current show

bmorehacks-kay.jpgWombWork's own, Mama Kay Lawal -Muhammad in the new Baltimore feature film "BMORE HACKS"  DVD Available for purchase now! read more...

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THANK YOU to WombWork's amazing donors and supporters


Community/Artist Partnership Project made possible by Funds from Nathan Cummings Foundation and the Ford Foundation
MACRO Maryland Mediation and Conflict Resolution Office

Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts/  

National Endowment for the Arts 

The Baltimore Community Foundation 

The Digges Memorial Fund

Youth As Resources

Jim and Ann Cantler Memorial Fund



The American Friends Service Committee

Friends of a Friend

MICA Maryland Institute College of Arts

The American Visionary Art Museum

STAR Sister Together and Reaching

Nommo Theatre

Kuumba Collective

Two Gems Consulting Service

Sankofa Dance Theatre

Love Peace Project

Bluford Drew Jemison STEM Academy

Excel Academy @ Frances M. Woods High School 

Habesha Baltimore

Baltimore City Public Schools

The City of Harrisburg , Pennsylvania /Department of Recreation and Parks

Muse 360



A Fully Comprehensive Production Company That Preserves and Re-Empowers

Families and Communities Through Creative Art, Dance and Theater Expression

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